Breaking down the barriers of wearing a mask

It’s important to take care of our health right now – physical, mental and emotional. As mask wearing becomes a necessity for some of us, it’s important to acknowledge our feelings and be kind to ourselves, as we do our part for the community.

With social distancing we’re already feeling cut off from people around us. Adding a mask can feel like we’re limiting the connection even further. Once we adjust, we can remind ourselves of the intent of wearing a mask - keeping ourselves, our loved ones and the rest of the community safe.

Claire Austin, our Chief Marketing Officer and resident Psych-K practitioner shared several techniques she finds useful for shifting energies and emotions, when trying to balance your logical and emotional mind responses. Claire also uses other healing modalities including reiki and angelic quantum healing.

“I feel like the mask is a representation of what we’re all going through or feeling at the moment. Feeling restricted from our ‘normal’ life. It’s good to acknowledge the emotion or fear you might be feeling, because once you name it you can then release it,” Claire said.

“It’s important to question how we will support ourselves through this with an air of compassion. Say to yourself ‘I am going to treat myself like I would my best friend – because I’m feeling vulnerable right now’”.

Techniques to try yourself

Exercise is a priority for many of us at the moment. If you have to wear a mask on your daily walk, Claire says shifting your gaze can literally help change your perspective.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping is a technique you can try to help overcome anxiety, depression and stress. This self-care method uses gentle tapping on certain areas of the face and body while tuning into an issue, to help relieve stress and feel better in the moment. This video demonstrates some basic techniques you can try yourself, which you could also pair with a calming mantra.

Organic Relax

“If you’re walking try looking to the distance. When you focus on something far away, you can shift your vibration and energy out of what you’re currently experiencing. You can also try bringing something into your mind that makes you smile from your heart.”


You can also utilise aromatherapy to lift your mood and ease stress, by adding one drop of your favourite essential oil to the outside of your face mask. Allow the calming aroma to bring you back to centre with each breath.

Easing the effect on our skin

Dr Hayley

Women's Health Expert, Dr. Hayley Dickinson PhD

You might find that wearing a mask all day is affecting your skin, increasing irritation or making it congested. Women’s health expert Dr. Hayley Dickinson says that ensuring your skin is well cared for and nourished when wearing a mask is important to prevent adverse effects.

“As we are now required to wear masks here in Victoria and it’s been highly advised in some other states, we might experience some changes in our skin. Direct rubbing can lead to disruption of the skin barrier which might cause an increase in acne or blocked pores as the mask creates a sub-optimal skin environment,” Dr. Hayley Dickinson said.

It’s more important than ever to keep up with a regular skincare routine that includes a thorough cleanse and good moisturiser morning and night. However, if you’re finding you need some relief from irritation, Dr. Hayley Dickinson recommends trying something that is both nourishing and can provide a barrier to give the skin a chance to heal. endota’s Nurture Protecting Barrier Balm, originally developed for babies, is effective at healing and protecting areas that deal with irritation caused by friction.

“Simply apply the barrier balm to areas of irritation overnight and reapply to areas of friction before putting on your mask each day.”



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