Two Step Micro Polish & Peel

endota spa New Age™

Two Step Micro Polish & Peel

Boost in-spa results with at-home skincare

While in-spa facials can nourish and revive your skin and spirit, your own at-home ritual can leave you feeling just as good.

“Positive skin changes and best results come from a combination of 70% professional homecare and 30% professional in spa treatments,” says Kimberley Duck, endota educator and skin specialist. “To get the best results between your appointments, it’s important to keep feeding and renewing your skin at home.”

And it doesn’t have to be complex. A couple of high-quality, natural products can completely revolutionise your skin care routine.

endota spa New Age™ Two Step Micro Polish & Peel

endota spa New Age™ Two Step Micro Polish & Peel

Transform your at-home ritual

Meet the powerful at-home microdermabrasion and peel duo, the Two Step Micro Polish & Peel. It contains antioxidant properties to help reduce the visibility of fine lines, improve your skin’s texture, and restore its vitality.

“Close to a professional treatment, the duo works by removing dead skin cell build up with micro crystals and AHA Lactic Acid,” Kim says. “This dual action really breaks down the intercellular glue that binds dead skin together and lifts it from the surface of the skin.”

Plumping peptides then nourish the deeper cellular levels of skin, adding volume and smoothing out fine lines. You can see instant results, but they also accumulate over time as healthy new cells come up to the surface.

Used as a weekly exfoliant, it gives you an opportunity to take little quality time for yourself regularly.

“Indulge your senses. Put on your favourite chill-out music, turn on a diffuser with your go-to essential oils, and light a candle,” recommends Kim.

Once you’ve set the scene for ultimate relaxation, the two-step ritual is simple.

Step 1:

Cleanse your face and neck, and pat dry. Apply a thin layer of the ‘Step one – Polish’ product with damp hands and lightly massage in upward strokes for 1-2 minutes. Avoid eye area. Do not remove.

Step 2:

Spread a thin layer of ‘Step two – Peel’ over your face and neck, directly on top of step one. Avoid eye area. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove product.

Make sure you follow with a quality SPF, like our New Age SPF 50+ Moisturiser during the day as your skin may be more sensitive to UV after the treatment.

Handy tip: If you have a special occasion or event coming up, use the Two Step Polish & Peel three to four days before for best results.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

This powerful duo is packed with active ingredients that bring you spa-quality results.

Micro crystals polish and removes dead skin cells while Lactic Acid helps resurface the skin and improve texture by stimulating cell renewal.

The skin is then fed nourishing oils and peptides, including Jojoba oil and Adifyline. These promote skin cell regeneration, smooth and plump skin and help minimise fine lines.

“Retinyl Palmitate, a vitamin A derivative also helps stimulate collagen and enhance your skin’s barrier function. While Vitamin E, a preventative antioxidant, removes damaging free radicals as it restores skin vitality,” says Kim.


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