What I would tell my younger self: skincare edition

We asked three endota team members to share some of their previous skincare habits, and the lessons they’d tell their younger selves if they were given the chance.

They say hindsight is a beautiful thing, and this sentiment feels especially true when we’re talking about skincare habits. From treating spots with toothpaste to unprotected sun exposure (eek), often the choices we made in our youth are not reflective of what we know now.

But as with all things in life, we live and we learn – and in some cases, spend years trying to make up for any damage caused! So, we asked three endota team members to share some of their previous skincare habits, and the lessons they’d tell their younger selves if they were given the chance.

Helen Robb-Lacey - endota Wellness College CEO

endota Wellness College CEO Helen Robb-Lacey

“I have always loved skincare. In my ‘20s I would cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask... the whole thing. I would always have monthly facials, too. I discovered the world of skin clinics during work experience in the ‘80s. I loved the ambience of a salon and I was interested in how everything worked together — the facials, the equipment, the creams. It taught me some great lessons about my own skin as, from age 18 until my mid-twenties, I suffered from acne.

Helen Robb-Lacey in her 20's - endota Wellness College CEO

I wish that I could tell my younger self not to pick at those blemishes.

I’ve since learnt that hydrating a blemish, such as with the endota Intense Moisture Mask or Ultra Lite Oil-free Moisturiser is better than drying it out or trying to exfoliate it away. Removing necessary moisture from skin does more harm than good. Also, taut, tight skin after cleansing is not beneficial, especially for those with problem skin.

Nowadays, I believe beauty is not about quick fixes but a disciplined routine over the years. endota’s Intense Moisture Mask and Ultra Lite Oil-free Moisturiser pair beautifully with the
endota Potent Brightening Serum to even pigmentation and brighten skin tone, while adding a soothing cleanser, such as the Sensitive Cleansing Milk to keep skin calm and hydrated. Ageing conscientiously is my motto — it’s a privilege, after all.”

Charlotte Dicker - endota Social Media Manager

endota Social Media Manager Charlotte Dicker

“I grew up in an era where tanning was cool and it was normal to strip the face of all its natural oils, leaving my skin’s moisture barrier stripped. I never wore sunscreen, had no idea about my skin type, and trusted marketers over trained skin experts – which in and of itself was hilarious as my father is a skin doctor, but what 20-year-old is going to listen to a parent?

I do wish I could tell my younger self to trust the experts earlier!

Charlotte Dicker - in her 20's

It wasn't until I was recommended alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol for my enlarged pores and to invest in quarterly facials that I actually saw a change in my skin and its texture. And to always protect your skin with an SPF, especially when in the sun! Years down the track, your skin pigmentation is your biggest blunder. It's actually cool to wear sunscreen, such as endota’s Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen, I promise!

Finally, learn about your menstrual cycle. As a woman, your skin aligns to a monthly calendar. I've always been prone to hormonal or stress-related breakouts on my face, and I didn’t know there are different things you can do as part of your skincare routine during different stages of your cycle. Understanding this will help you learn to accept your body and in turn understand how your skin changes from the inside out.”

Kimberley Conboy - endota's skin expert & education coordinator

endota Skin Expert & Education Coordinator Kimberley Conboy

“My skincare back in my ‘20s was very reliant on price as I was working and studying, so I tended to use what was on sale at the time. I rarely cleaned my makeup brushes and didn’t understand the importance of changing my pillowcase regularly to reduce the spread of bacteria. It was also my most social time of life so I was constantly trying to cover up hormonal breakouts and because of this, I wore a lot of makeup.

I liked to try and exfoliate as much as possible to somewhat remove or counteract the breakouts. What I now know is that I was making them worse by damaging the acid mantle of my skin, and creating more oil and bacteria.

Kimberley Conboy - endota's education coordinator in her 20's

I would tell my younger self to visit a spa to talk with a therapist or skincare expert who could assist me with developing a better skincare routine.

Products from the supermarket will not help teenage acne and they can often make the blemishes worse. The same with picking at blemishes on your skin, as they last much longer and can scar! I would say to have patience, as once hormones settle and quality skincare is used, your skin will settle too.

To help skin sensitivity and acne, I know now the importance of drinking two to three litres of water a day. Also, start with anti-ageing skincare, such as endota’s New Age range, around the age of 25 – by the time you are 35 your skin will be in much better condition and premature ageing will be minimised, I promise!

Looking for a treatment that can help treat sun damage and uneven skin tone from choices of years past? Read up on our quick and corrective Intense Radiance Facial here.

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