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  1. 粉紅葡萄柚阿斯彭檸檬沐浴露補充裝
    A beautifully fresh hand and body wash refill that’s better for the planet.
    HK$ 188
  2. 深層保濕乳
    The must-have moisturiser that’s nourishing by nature.
    HK$ 398
  3. 妊娠紋修護膏
    A beautifully nourishing, natural belly butter to protect your skin during...
    HK$ 298
  4. 滋潤乳頭保護霜
    A multi-purpose balm that’s perfect for healing dry or cracked skin during...
    HK$ 168
  5. 溫和潔膚沐浴露
    A gentle and natural baby shampoo, bath and body wash to cleanse and calm their...
    HK$ 198
  6. 溫和嬰兒潤膚乳
    A gentle, natural and 100% non-toxic body lotion for delicate newborn skin.
    HK$ 198
  7. 睡眠舒緩鎮靜噴霧
    An organic, calming sleep mist to help you drift off and dream.
    HK$ 188
  8. 三重功效去角質磨砂 20ml
    三重功效去角質磨砂 20ml
    An organic exfoliator that works three times as hard to smoothen your skin.
    HK$ 93
  9. 淨化潔面啫喱 20ml
    淨化潔面啫喱 20ml
    Clear out your complexion with this deep-cleaning, purifying cleansing gel.
    HK$ 93
  10. 保濕護膚潔面乳 20ml
    保濕護膚潔面乳 20ml
    An all-natural cleansing milk that your skin will love drinking up.
    HK$ 93
  11. 日常去角質磨砂 20ml
    日常去角質磨砂 20ml
    The exfoliating polish that calls on natural ingredients to renew your skin’s...
    HK$ 93
  12. 活性碳排毒面膜 20ml
    活性碳排毒面膜 20ml
    Detoxify and revitalise your skin with this pH-balanced charcoal mask.
    HK$ 93

12 items

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