high performance facials

<a name="high-performance-facials"></a><p>Whether you’re after a quick pick-me-up, a customised experience, or a suite of intensive treatments, an endota day spa High Performance Facial stands out as a deluxe option for outstanding lasting results and nurturing care. When you choose any of our High Performance facials, you’ll not only take your complexion to the next level, you can also enjoy what it’s like to live in your best skin. With no down time after treatments, you’ll be able to show off a more youthful look without the wait. </p> <p>Our High Performance Facials offer the latest skin rejuvenation solutions to suit each individual’s needs and concerns. From potent clinical peels to advanced laser, Electro Mesotherpy or (LED) Light Therapy, a facial experience at endota day spa combines outstanding, visible results with deep relaxation – no matter how supercharged our treatments are.</p> <p>At the heart of every High Performance Facial is our revolutionary skincare range, endota New Age™. This potent collection of serums, peels, masks and creams is packed with a powerhouse, age-defying ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and glycolic AHAs all formulated to aid the renewal process and restore a youthful appearance. What’s more, endota therapists are trained to use the latest professional tools and non-invasive technology to safely deliver benefits to your skin – to help stimulate cellular regeneration, and allow our next generation skincare to penetrate more deeply beneath the surface to where it’s needed most.</p> <p>Discover the High Performance Facial that will help you supercharge results to achieve your best skin today.</p> <p><strong>Prices vary per spa.</strong></p>
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organic facials

<a name="organic-facials"></a><P>An Organic Facial at endota day spa addresses your skin’s replenishment needs, combining results with pure relaxation. By harnessing the power of nature, the potent active botanicals in our endota Organics™ professional skincare range deliver an infusion of goodness to intensively hydrate and care deeply for your skin.</P> <P>The abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in our certified organic formulations are perfect for a range of complexions, from sensitive to stressed and dehydrated. All products used in our signature Organic Facials are naturally chemical-free and inspired by our rich bush heritage. Included are extracts from Australian native botanicals such as Lilly Pilly and Davidson plum, renowned for their exceptional healing and rejuvenating properties.</P> <P>Whether you choose a full or express treatment, endota’s expert accredited therapists will ensure that your complexion receives all the sustenance it needs to achieve a glow of health and vitality. Discover the Organic Facial that will best nourish your skin today.</P> <p><strong>Prices vary per spa.</strong></p>
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